Salla Savolainen
Publication date
Tammi Publishers
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136 pages, colour illustrated, 5+

Ruby & Ficelle and the Arty Neighbours

Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset

The family is off to the countryside for a holiday! The two artists staying next door thrill the girls’ mum to no end whereas Ruby and Ficelle are much more dubious about their neighbours’ artistic talents. The girls make it their mission to find out all they can about the Rubens Brothers!

Ruby & Ficelle Books

Illustrated by Salla Savolainen:
R&F and TheChicken (2019S)
R&F and the Silly Angel (2018S)
R&F and Christmas Gift (2017S)
R&F and the Arty Neighbours (2016 S)
R&F as Poets (2015 S)
R&F and Big Elsa (2014 S)
R&F and the Annoying Pest (2014 S)
R&F and the Sassy Schoolgirl (2013 S)
R&F and Baldy Bob (2012 S)

Illustrated by Markus Majaluoma:
R&F’s Year (2006)
R & F and the Forbidden Fish (2005)
R & F and the Dancing Constable (2003)
R & F and the Arty Neighbours (2001)
R & F and the Annoying Pest (1999)
R & F and Big Elsa (1997)
R & F on the Chase (1995)
R & F Look for Christmas (1993)
R & F Need a Vacation (1992)
R & F and Grandpa (1991)
R & F and the Baby (1990)
Ruby & Ficelle (1989)