Salla Savolainen
Publication date
Tammi Publishers
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104 pages, colour illustrated, 5+

Ruby & Ficelle and the Christmas Gift

Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja jouluvintiö

Christmas is only a week away and Ficelle worries endlessly if she will get enough presents. In town she spots a charity collecting donations for children in need at Christmas and immediately feels a kinship with them. Surely she is counted as one of those poor children who’d otherwise go without! Her masterplan includes wearing a coat she digs out of a bin and holding a cardboard with a plea: “Giv pour child pressents”.

To Ficelle’s disappointment, she is not very successful as a pauper. Maybe people might give more generously to a Christmassy street performer instead? But it is not to be.

At home, as if to add insult to injury, Ficelle overhears mum and dad calling the sweet and helpful Ruby a “proper Christmas child”. What on earth could Ficelle do to try to match her perfect sister in their eyes? A multitude of comical blunders paves the long week towards the awaited arrival of Father Christmas and the true gift of the day.

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