Sinikka Nopola

Sinikka Nopola is a bestselling author of both adult and children’s fiction. She has authored dramatic novels, short prose, radio drama, plays, lyrics, and television drama, as well as short stories, columns and causeries for the monthly supplement of the leading Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

With her sister Tiina Nopola, she has co-authored the children’s book series Ruby and Ficelle (Heinähattu ja Vilttitossu) and Wills & Nelli (Risto Räppääjä) as well as several plays, musicals and screenplays.

Sinikka Nopola was born in Helsinki, but she spent her childhood and youth in Tampere. She studied at the University of Tampere, receiving a bachelor’s degree in humanities. Sinikka worked as a journalist for Helsingin Sanomat in 1979–1985. Since 1985, she has built herself a succesful career as an author and freelance journalist.


Selection of Works

Ruby & Ficelle series

Illustrated by Salla Savolainen:
R&F and the Chicken (2019)
R&F and the Silly Angel (2018)
R&F and Christmas Gift (2017)
R&F and the Arty Neighbours (2016)
R&F as Poets (2015)
R&F and Big Elsa (2014)
R&F and the Annoying Pest (2014)
R&F and the Sassy Schoolgirl (2013)
R&F and Baldy Bob (2012)

Illustrated by Markus Majaluoma:
R&F’s Year (2006)
R&F and the Forbidden Fish (2005)
R&F and the Dancing Constable (2003)
R&F and the Arty Neighbours (2001)
R&F and the Annoying Pest (1999)
R&F and Big Elsa (1997)
R&F on the Chase (1995)
R & F Look for Christmas (1993)
R&F Need a Vacation (1992)
R&F and Grandpa (1991)
R&F and the Baby (1990)
Ruby & Ficelle (1989)


Wills & Nelli Series

Illustrated by Christel Rönns:
W&N: Shy Elmer (2019)
W&N: Julia the Schemer (2018)
W&N: The Artist Within (2017)
W&N: Something in Common (2016)
W&N: The Unusual Suspects (2015)
W&N: The Scrooge of Seville (2014)
W&N: The Look-alike (2013)
W&N: Nelli’s Plight (2012)

Illustrated by Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen:
W&N: Wills’ New Dad (2011)
W&N: Star Struck (2009)
W&N: The Last Ice-Cream (2007)
W&N: A Gaming Frenzy (2006)
W&N: Teacher’s Pet (2004)
W&N: The Persistent Pimple (2003)
W&N: Dandy Andy (2002)
W&N: Freezer Fran (2001)
W&N: Wills & Nelli (2000)