Timo Parvela

Timo Parvela (b. 1964) is the number one children’s author in Finland. He is able to capture the child’s mindset in situations familiar from home and school, and he always does it with a sense of humour and a touch of magic.

Parvela’s versatile literary work has found its way into the public consciousness: his books have been turned into theatrical presentations and tv-adaptations, and there has also a film based on his hugely popular Ella series. Parvela’s work is frequently used as a part of the Finnish school curriculum. As a former teacher he occasionally takes part in educational book projects as well. Parvela’s works are appreciated by literary critics and readers alike: his books are continuously on top of the bestseller lists.

Timo Parvela has been awarded the most important children’s and youth literature prizes in Finland. His production is impressive and multifaceted. Parvela’s books can be regarded as universal children’s literature – the translation rights have been extensively sold both in Europe and in Asia. Translation rights in Parvela’s books have been sold more than 30 languages.

Rights Guide 2014-2015

Timo Parvela’s awards include:

2017 Runeberg Junior Prize for Pete’s Fishing Book
2015 Shortlisted for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA)
2014 The Finland Prize
2013 Shortlisted for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA)
2010 Finnish Kalevala Society prize for the Guardians of Sampo series
2009 WSOY Literary Foundation Reward for his Exceptional Merits as an Author
2008 Koura Prize for the tv script Sky in Fire
2008 Plättä Prize for Ella Hits the Jackpot
2007 Topelius Prize for Fireblade, Guardians of Sampo trilogy, part one
2006 Finlandia Junior prize for The Seesaw  together with the Illustrator Virpi Talvitie
2005 Book Club Reward for his Exceptional Merits as an Author
1989, 1997 H.C. Andersen Honour List Diploma


Selected Works

The Boy 1989
The Talking Dog 1990
The Little Brothers and the Magic Key 1993
Thin, High Clouds 1994
Ella and the Blackmailer 1995
Ella Goes to the Theatre 1996
My Dad is Superman 1996
Ella’s Field Trip 1997
Ella and the Quitter 1998
Ella and Pate Tammi 1999
Ansa and Oiva 1999
Ella and the Troublemaker 2000
A Strange Tale 2000
Anna and Antti’s Busy Morning 2000
Ansa and Oiva in the Big City 2000
Anna and Antti: A Rustling in the Night 2001
Ella at Night School 2001
Dad Says 2001
Anna and Antti – Not Allowed! 2002
What Do You Say to That, Daddy? 2002
Ella in Lapland 2003
Anna and Antti 4: The Nuisance 2003
Hilma and the Perfect Pet 2004
Ella and Paterock 2004
Ella at Sea 2005
Hilma and the Great Hobby 2005
The Seesaw 2006
Ella – Watch Out for the Children! 2006
Purdy and Barker 2007, 2009
Ella and Seven Sillies 2007
Guardians of the Sampo 1: Fireblade 2007
Ella’s Ef One 2008
Guardians of the Sampo 2: Tiera 2008
The Merry-Go-Round 2008
Will Grandpa Ever Come Back? 2009
Guardians of the Sampo 3: The Witch of the North 2009
Ella Hits the Jackpot 2009
Purdy, Barker and the Giant Snowball 2009
Purdy and Barker Build a House 2010
Ella and the Dark Knights 2010
Taro at the Centre of the World 2010
Party Time for Ella and Friends 2010
The Wheel of Fortune 2010
Purdy, Barker and the Big Adventure 2011
Ella and the Labours of Sammy 2011
Taro and the Rulers of the Sky 2011
Purdy, Barker and Bear Growler 2012
Ella and the Missing Pointer 2012
Taro and the Prisoners of Time 2012
Good Night Stories 2012
Ella and Friends Go Camping 2013
Purdy and Barker’s Book of Stories 2013
Taro’s Big Little Adventure 2014
Pate’s Blog 2014
Ella and Friends and the Great Escape 2014
Purdy and Barker’s Snout Book 2014
Ella and Friends on Babysitting Duty 2015
Purdy and Barker’s Travel Book 2015
Pate’s Football Book 2015
Ella and Friends in a Pickle 2015
Kepler62 – Book one: Call 2015
Kepler62 – Book two: Countdown 2015

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